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Shipping Policy

It typically takes one to two business days after confirmation of payment to process and ship your order. Presently, we offer shipping via the United States Postal Service or United Parcel Service, with the specific priority selected by you at checkout.  The shipping carrier typically requires one business day after shipping to validate the tracking information.

Delivery dates vary based on third party shipping schedules and your location.  Any shipping or delivery dates provided will be estimates only.  Depending upon product availability and other factors affecting fulfillment, your order may arrive in multiple shipments. Zappiti is not responsible for shipping carrier delays.

When you receive your shipment, please inspect all packages to ensure there are no missing items, and test the products for proper function. Please be sure to save the box, any outer shipping carton, and all packing material in the event that you need it for a return shipment.

If you require any assistance, please email Zappiti at and include your order confirmation number in your email subject line.

Return & Exchange Policy

All orders from Zappiti are subject to our 30-day return policy if for any reason they are defective. After 30 days, the terms of the Zappiti warranty apply.  

A return authorization is required for any exchange or refund.  The return authorization process can be initiated by contacting Zappiti at  You will then be contacted by one of our representatives about your request and additional return instructions may be required.  Any product returned to Zappiti without a return authorization is not eligible for a refund and will be returned to you at your expense.

Return authorizations are valid for 30 calendar days from the date issued. Returns that we receive after the expiration of the return period may be refused and returned. Products must be returned in as-new condition and with all originally included packaging and accessories. If your return is not accepted we will notify you using the contact information you provided when you placed the order or any updated information you provided when obtaining your return authorization.


Zappiti AV cannot be held liable for non-performance of the contract concluded on the occasion of force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike, in particular of postal services and means of transport and/or communications, flooding, fire. With regard to products purchased to meet professional needs, Zappiti AV will not incur any liability for any consequential damages as a result of these presents, operating loss, loss of profit, damages or costs, which may arise. - The choice and purchase of a product or service are the sole responsibility of the customer. Zappiti AV cannot be held responsible or required to reimburse a purchase in the event of malfunction, unavailability or the end of ancillary services made available to you by the manufacturer of a product, such as access to databases online data, the use of external servers or the hardware or software update of products. The total or partial impossibility of using the products, in particular due to incompatibility of the equipment, cannot give rise to any compensation, reimbursement or questioning of the liability of Zappiti AV, except in the case of a proven hidden defect, non-conformity, defect or exercise of the right of withdrawal. In the event of a hidden defect, you have the choice between canceling the order or keeping the product against a price reduction. - In the event of non-delivery of an order or part of an order, you have a maximum of two months (from the date of departure from our warehouses) to notify you. Beyond this deadline, we will not accept any claim.

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