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IR RC discrete codes



Logitech Harmony
Zappiti 4K products are natively compatible with Logitech Harmony 

Go to device management, then review the different types of devices. The first to recognize the Zappiti brand is "VDR". As for the model, you must type "Player". There it only remains to specify the exact model. Compatible with Bose Lifestyle 135/235/525/535.

Bang & Olufsen
Available soon...


URC DriveR
This includes IR and IP controls.

Philips Pronto ( HEX Codes )





control4 Free Basic Driver




control4 Full driver





URC   This includes IR and IP controls












For Previous version please contact us

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New features

  • 12-bit support (only in YCbCr 444 and 420).

  • General picture improvements.

  • Grain from the home page wallpaper has been removed

  • The home page is now in French (requires choosing French in Android Settings), as well as other languages (English, German, Spanish, Russian).

  • Ability to select the video player of your choice for streaming applications (“Nuplayer” or “Native Player”).

  • The home page now supports screens with a display ratio of 2.35: 1.

  • New picture settings such as: Contrast, Brightness, Saturation and Hue.

  • Hard disk standby mode.

  • Adding a new version of Zappiti Service with Zappiti app management window.

  • Adding support of AirPlay for music support. Now Zappiti lets you share musics, from Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) to your Zappiti 4K HDR using Airplay. Simply tap the AirPlay icon on your Apple device and share the latest musics to your Zappiti.


  • Improved interface display performance.

  • Global performance improvements.

  • 23.976p fluidity and smoothness have been improved (be aware that video lag and glitches may still occur when using the following codecs: VC-1 and AVC-H.264 High @ L4 / 4.0).

  • Improved SMB server and added SMB 2.0 compatibility.

  • Improvement of the various information displayed in the “movie display window” screen while playing, in particular the indication of the bitrate and 2.35:1 aspect ratio support as well as 2.40:1 and 21:1 (2.39:1).

  • Subtitles are now disabled by default (OFF).

  • When resuming playback of a file, the last subtitle track is now used instead of the default subtitles.

  • Improved support for default subtitles - Warning! The default subtitles do not work on certain files such as M2TS.

  • Zappiti Service has been updated, you now have the possibility to choose a frequency of 23.976 Hz to avoid the black screen when launching a film. It also features an improvement of Direct Output mode.

  • The Color Depth and Color Space settings are now accessible directly from the "Display" settings panel (previously accessible from Developer Options).


  • Fixed an issue where info could no longer be displayed when pressing the OK button on the remote control.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the second hard drive of the player to be seen from other devices on the same network (Zappiti Duo 4K HDR / Pro 4K HDR / Pro 4K HDR Audiocom)

  • Removed the “DP Same as source” option from the developer options in the settings which could cause display issues.

  • Correction of the French translation about the message indicating the change in resolution and frequency.

  • Removal of the Screenlock option which could require reinstalling the firmware.

  • Removal of the HDMI Rx option.

  • Removal of the YouTube application which no longer worked (a functional new 4K version is available via MyApps / AptoideTV).

Known issues:

  • The Screensaver app is not functional (an update of the app is planned to correct the problem)

  • Grayed out black problems on files encoded in 8-bit HEVC (problem present in previous versions except for firmware v3.10). This issue can only be fixed by Realtek (SDK).

  • Problem of displaying some menus in overlay of Blu-ray 4K HDR which are displayed in SDR (washed blacks).

  • Trouble displaying some rare JAVA menus.

  • Forced subtitles are not available on JAVA menus.

Firmware update process

IMPORTANT! Please carefully read all of these procedures first! Then, please follow the process step by step by reading them one more time.

There are different ways to update the firmware of the Zappiti 4K HDR range:

1. OTA (OverThe Air) > through the firmware page on the player (not yet available for the v3.15)
2. USB .zip > through the firmware page on the player


On some cases — especially if you come from a more recent firmware — during the process, the TV screen can switch to GREEN or BLACK for a while. This is normal! Please absolutely do NOT restart or switch off your Zappiti during the full process. In such case, please wait 10 min before to restart your Zappiti unit.


Zappiti 4K HDR Only : One , One SE, Duo, Pro and Pro Cinema Edition

zappiti-mini-4k-hdr-hand-1344x904 (1).jp

Zappiti 4K HDR Only : Mini


Image by Thomas Q

Online Firmware Upgrade.
Zappiti 4K HDR

Firmware Upgrade OTA (Over The Air)

  1. Disconnect ALL your local drives connected to your Zappiti. (both internal & external).

  2. Switch ON your Zappiti player 4K HDR.

  3. Go to MyApps > Screensaver and switch it OFF.

  4. On the main page, please click on MY APPS button.

  5. Click on "SystemUp". Local version is the version installed in the media player. Online version is the last available version. If your version is not the last one you, click on Online Upgrade button and follow the on-screen procedure... Please do not disconnect the Zappiti player during the upgrade procedure!
    Note: to display the log info about the last available version, please click on "Update log" button.


USB Firmware Upgrade.
Zappiti 4K HDR

USUSB Firmware Update Procedure

  1. Download the ZIP file here bellow (please do not unzip it) and place the ZIP file on the root folder of an USB Flash Drive formatted in FAT32: (It does not works with SD Card)

  2. Note for MAC users: to download a ZIP file without decompressing it, go to the Safari settings, then uncheck "Automatically open reliable files."

  3. Disconnect ALL your local drives connected to your Zappiti.

  4. Connect your flash drive containing the ZIP file placed on the root folder of it.

  5. Then Switch ON your Zappiti 4K HDR media player.

  6. Press "BLUE" button of your Zappiti RC to access to the "SystemUpdate page", or go to MyApps / SystemUpdat.

  7. Then, click « Local upgrade » button.

  8. The procedure will start. If not, please restart the player and try again the procedure.

  9. Please wait till the end of the process. DO NOT TURN OFF THE ZAPPITI DURING THE PROCESS!
    Note: the first restard may be long (1-2 min). The Zappiti Settings are saved. You will not have to set again your Zappiti login and password.

Red USB memory stick isolated on white.j
Isolated Grungy Lifebuoy Or Life Preserv


USB Warning!

This procedure will reset all your personal settings and account information.
Please carefully read all of these procedures first! Then please follow the process step by step by reading them one more time.

 Download the firmware file here bellow on the internal HDD of your computer. (Not directly  on the flash drive).

           > MINI 4K HDR




          > ONE, ONE SE, DUO, PRO, PRO Cinema Edition

  1. Note: As the Zappiti Mini 4K HDR has less memory than the two other models, the firmware file is different.

  2. Download the file on your computer. Then, place the IMG file on a 2GB USB flash drive formatted in FAT32.
    Note: If you do not have a USB stick with a capacity of 2 GB, you can partition the USB key into 2 partitions: the first of a size of 1.9 GB in Fat32 and the second unallocated. To format your USB flash drive, you can use the free AOMEI Partition Manager software.

  3. Switch off the Zappiti player by using the Power On / Off button located on the back side. Disconnect the drives (internal and external) fro the Zappiti and disconnect the Ethernet cable.

  4. Connect the USB flash drive into the USB port of the media player located next to the "RESTORE" button and disconnect the network cable.

  5. Press the "RESTORE" button by using a paper clip (small hole located on the side of the unit). While holding the reset button, turn on the player via the power button on / off at the rear of the unit. Hold the "RESTORE" button within 5 seconds, then release it. A "Z" logo will appear during 30 sec. Then, the upgrade process will start and a progress bar will be displayed on the screen.

  6. WARNING! Do not turn off the media player before the full reset.

  7. A percentage will be displayed on the screen.
    IMPORTANT: if you have black or green screen, please wait 10min. Then, switch off (not before 10 min) the Zappiti and try again by checking the following points:
    - Please use 2 GB USB Flash drive or format your USB flash drive in 2 partitions (one in 2GB / Fat32 and the second one unallocated).
    - Try again by connecting your Zappiti media player directly to your TV (without AV receiver or soundbar).
    - Did you try to download again the firmware? Maybe the firmware has been incorrectly downloaded.
    - Did you download the firmware file on the internal HDD of your computer or directly on your USB flash memory drive? You have to download it on the internal HDD of your computer. (Not directly on the flash drive).
    - Did you try to plug your USB flash drive on another USB input? If it doen't work on the USB 2.0 port, try again on another USB port.
    - The first initial boot after the firmware update is very long. If you switched off the player during the first initial boot, your firmware is dead. In such case, please contact us...

  8. The percentage 99% or 100% is very long. This is quite normal. Please wait until the appearance of "Z" logo. As long as the Zappiti logo is not displayed, do not turn off or disconnect the player above! Warning! The first initial start up is VERY long (1-2 min). So thank you for your patience throughout the initialization of the media player until you reach the player's home page (Zappiti / Explorer / MyApps). DO NOT RESTART the player until the main page appears.

  9. After the first initial boot, connect the Ethernet cable (if you are using it usually). Then, please wait 5 min. In fact, the system and the apps need some minutes to be fully reseted and could be not accessible during this time. After 5 min, we advise you to restart the player for better performances. The second boot should be much faster and your Zappiti will be fully restored.

  10. After the second reboot, please click on "Settings", then set your language.


IMPORTANT!  This firmware uses a new SDK (realtek source code), so if you have any issues, we advise you to perform a Factory Reset after the firmware update (please go to MyApps then click Factory Reset).



Zappiti VIDEO

​Organize your collections, change the posters, edit the movie infos from your PC. Zappiti Server PC is included in the installer. 



Click on the icon to start your download



Click on the icon to start your download

thermal take.jpg

Zappiti SERVER 

Your files used for the collection are saved only on your machine.

 - Advantage : Does not require a fast Internet connection. It also works even without internet connection (may requires in this case a router apart from your Internet modem depending on your ISP).
 - Advantage : possibility to explore and edit its collections on several Zappiti media players but also from a tablet / smartphone (iOS uo Android) or a computer (not available anymore for MAC).
 - Advantage : All technical information is retrieved via MediaInfo including ratio, frame rate, video resolution, main audio codec, maximum number of channels, video codec, video container, subtitles and languages.

Warning ! Some technical infos can be proposed by default on ISO files.

 - Disadvantage : you have to let the computer  or your NAS run when you want to use Zappiti Video on your Zappiti player.

 - Disadvantage : requires a computer or NAS  with minimal power to operate smoothly



Click on the icon to start your download



Click on the icon to see more info and install procedure



Click on the icon to see more info and install procedure

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