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Zappiti NAS

Theo Kalomirakis - known as the "father of home theatre" - is a leading creator of custom-designed theatres and one-of-a-kind entertainment environments, acclaimed for their attention to architectural detail. using styles that range from ultra-traditional to cutting-edge contemporary, he scales each project to fit the needs of each client. In addition to design and architecture, he is an expert in acoustics, lighting and the integration of technology into the house, as well as being knowledgeable about the history of theatre architecture

When you have a large collection and you want to see a particular title, trying to find the movie, load it on the Blu-ray player and having to sit through endless trailers and dull menus before the movie starts, can kill the urge to watch it. For me, the only way for me to enjoy a movie I am in the mood for, is when I have it at my fingertips. This is the reason why, for years I have been dreaming of digitizing my collection.

When I met Raphael Tabutin at ISE last year and he introduced me to the Zappiti server I knew right away that that is exactly what I needed. The timing was also right; I was building a theater for my new home in Athens and I had just moved my collection to Greece. The Zappiti server would add to the theater what every collector needs: fulfilment at his fingertips. But how do you start digitizing so many tiles without becoming overwhelmed? Well, the answer for me was to take a deep breath, make peace with the fact that I will be spending a long time in front of the server and then start the process, one title at a time.

I was born to catalogue things. Organizing my collection of videos with Zappiti has been fulfilling and fun. The process has allowed me to “manipulate” the data by making certain edits,  such as making sure the selection is not a movie with the same title but from another year, changing the disc’s cover art with the original poster of the movie, entering the correct aspect ratio, etc. More importantly the process has allowed me to rediscover movies I did not even remember having in my collection. After playing with the server every day, I have a hard time stopping to do anything else. But that’s the obsessive nature of collectors. That’s me….


Theo Kalomirakis


Zappiti’s flagship media player is designed for home theatre owners with extensive film and music collections, replacing the traditional disc library with a graphically rich interface that grants instant access to content. The beautifully designed full-width chassis houses twin bays for up to 32TB of HDD storage, plus inputs for local USB drives, while networking functionality enables streaming from NAS devices and PCs. Format support covers 4K HDR, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for movie playback, plus hi-res audio to 192kHz/24-bit. Backing up these AV credentials is the Pro 4K HDR’s flexibility – from running a multiroom 4K system to letting users customise its GUI, this is a machine with a can-do attitude.


Zappiti Pro 4K

This is a machine with a can-do attitude !


Zappiti NAS 4K

The ZAPPITI NAS is a breakthrough product with capabilities and ease of use that no one else offers. I want one in my home theater system.

In total, I tried four UHD disks, including Dunkirk, 2001, Star Trek Beyond, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind and Terminator Dark Fate. All copied without incident. Blu-ray movies also copied just fine. All the disks had the complete audio package as well, along with commentary tracks and tracks with different languages. Subtitles are ripped too. So really, everything! I could see no difference in video quality and perceived no degradation of audio quality, which is what I would expect from a clone of the original. I also wanted to see if I could move a movie ripped to the Zappiti NAS to my own Zappiti storage. I mounted both devices on my network and moved the ISO file from the NAS to my Zappiti storage without incident. Even over my gigabit Ethernet network, 4K discs can take more than an hour to transfer. Ripping speeds are similar. It takes about an hour to rip a 4K movie; about 25 minutes to rip a Blu-ray title.


Sound & VISION

Zappiti Pro 4K HDR

"Overall video performance was generally excellent and in line with my Oppo UDP-203." by Kris Deering

The player software does most of the heavy lifting to fill in all the title data needed for your library, including poster art, movie info, even soundtrack music, which cues up when you hover over a specific movie when browsing the interface. I didn't note any quality loss during movie playback compared with playing a disc directly using my Oppo UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray player, regardless of image resolution or frame rate. For the most part, I left the system output in source direct, which means the video was not being processed by the Zappiti software. When I set the player's output to a fixed resolution, I didn't see any glaring issues with the software scaling/de-interlacing. Overall video performance was generally excellent and in line with my Oppo UDP-203.



Zappiti Pro 4K HDR

"Zappiti has included an excellent video processing solution and high-quality audio output" by Chris Eberle

The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR Media Player has gone where home theater PCs and DIY movie servers have failed to go. (...) Thanks to its 32TB storage capacity, you can add the contents of 600 Blu-rays or 300 Ultra HD discs. And through its networking capability, you can add more boxes if your library grows larger than that. Since it also serves up music and photos, it truly can be a one-box solution for delivering media in the home.Zappiti further adds to the Pro 4K's cred with the careful thought and engineering given to its audio and video output. While many other products stop after they get the software working, Zappiti has included an excellent video processing solution and high-quality audio output. Regardless of your content, or your display's resolution, images will always be sharp and clear with accurate color and maximum contrast. With the bit-for-bit representation coming from ripped discs, you'll sacrifice nothing for the convenience of simply browsing and surfing through your movie library. (...) Bravo Zappiti!


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